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Alarm Monitoring

Sleep soundly under our watch
Two sets of eyes are better than one, especially when they're standing watch 24/7. Voltum’s certified operators are trained to handle your alarm quickly and professionally, from setup to sound off. The highly professional team at our Central Monitoring Station is committed to making sure that you and your family are properly armed so that you're protected from outside threats that alarm.
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Video Surveillance

No better way to be two places at once
Nothing can sneak past Voltum's cutting edge camera systems. Professionally installed and strategically placed, suspicious activity doesn't stand a chance against our sleek surveillance technology. Whether you're looking for that extra level of protection or just want to keep a watchful eye on your kids or your employees (to make sure they're not acting like kids), we'll get you taken care of.
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Fire Protection

Detect danger before you can see it
In the event of a fire, every second counts so the sooner you can detect signs of heat and smoke the better off you'll be. With a dedicated power source in your alarm panel and a backup fail-safe system, Voltum’s monitored fire alarm systems ensure fool-proof protection for you and your family. If heat strikes and the siren sounds, Voltum's Central Monitoring Station is always there to make sure that help is on its way.
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  • Do home security systems prevent break-ins?

    Home security systems are designed to let you know when an unwelcome guest attempts to enter your home. Home security systems may not eliminate all break-ins but go a long way to prevent or reduce the likelihood of them occurring.
  • There are a lot of home security systems to choose from. What is the best one?

    A good quality home security alarm system and a dependable monitoring station to back it are more important than the brand name of the equipment. Alarms come in two different breeds--wireless and hardwired. With a hardwired security system the wiring is imbedded into the doors and window frames and is synced with your home phone. Wireless home security systems run off batteries, making them easier to install but not necessarily the better solution. When investing in a home security system, the most important thing is to get one that fits your lifestyle needs and monitors what is important for your home specifically.
  • What features should I look for when choosing a home security system?

    When looking to install a basic alarm system in your home or building, your best bet is to go through a home security company who can maximize your protection with many more options and services such as surveillance security systems, indoor and outdoor security cameras, and carbon dioxide detectors.
  • If I rent my home/apartment does it make sense to install some kind of home security?

    Living in a rental community does not make you an exception. Neighbors change and friends can come and go, making homes vulnerable to crime. So having an added level of protection over your valuables is a smart idea. If you’re a renter looking to install an alarm system you should consider going with a wireless system. That way you avoid holes and unsightly wires and can take your alarm with you in the event that you move.

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