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About Voltum

Voltum is no ordinary security company. We're not just an alarm, a smoke detector, a surveillance system or a sign in your lawn--we are your unseen watchdogs (only with our protection you don’t have as much responsibility). As your neighbors the state of your safety is always on our minds which is why we’re here 24/7 doing all that we can to ward off and protect you from any threats that come your way. With an extensive technology background, we provide you with a safety solution complete with multiple layers of unbeatable protection whether that be a simple alarm and fire detection system or an advanced security hookup complete with video surveillance, special sensors, and all the bells and whistles of a specially designed system. As part of our commitment to provide you with the best protection available on all fronts, our dynamic team of security and technology professionals is always seeking to exceed industry standards, strategizing new and smarter options to ensure that our customers are not only safe but that their security tomorrow is always better than it was yesterday. Basically we’re your new found local security match made in heaven.