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Voltum is not your run-of-the-mill security company. As Nashville’s most reliable provider of cutting edge security, we push the envelope to make sure that our customers are always safe and satisfied. Our protection doesn’t come in “typical” or “standard” packages tagged at a grossly expensive price. All of the superior services we provide are specially designed to solve the specific security challenges of each of our clients. So whether you’re looking for the assurance of a simple alarm system or the keen supervision of a full-fledged security system, put your safety in our hands and we won’t let you down.

Voltum is the total security solution. Under our watch you don’t have to constantly worry about unwelcome threats to your safety. Our technical expertise lends itself to an ultimate suite of security services including both premium alarm monitoring and premium wireless alarm monitoring, burglary detection, fire protection, asset protection, access control, video surveillance, and automation.


Voltum's Premium Alarm Monitoring

Standing by 24/7 for all your alarming needs
Having a stand-alone security system in your home or business is a solid step towards keeping it secure; however, if it’s not backed by an alarm monitoring service the chances of catching or even deterring a criminal is slim to none. Get the highest protection from your home security system with Voltum’s premium alarm monitoring. Our expert security professionals happily hardwire your alarm system to your standard phone line and program it to alert our monitoring center when your system is triggered so that we can immediately dispatch the authorities in the case of emergency. Here to keep you in check 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Voltum’s Central Monitoring Station makes sure that its customers are armed, not alarmed, by their security system.

Voltum's Premium Wireless Alarm Monitoring

Security without all the wires
In this day and age people are relying more and more on their cell phones and who can blame them—those smart phones far outwit the classic phone line. Don’t have a landline? Don’t sweat it; we’ll get you taken care of! Our premium wireless alarm monitoring assures you the same quality, safety, and reliability as our traditional premium alarm monitoring. Whether you have a Voiceover IP line or no existing line at all, you can still reap all the benefits of our top-notch monitoring services. All it takes is a simple satellite setup from your home to our Central Monitoring Station. No matter what, you’ll always have the highly trained Voltum staff standing by, all ears and all eyes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Burglary Detection

Keeping your family & business safe
Whether you live in the city or in a quiet gated community in the suburbs, crime can happen to you. As a matter of fact, as a Tennessee property owner you have a 1 out of 27 probability of being a victim of burglary. With Voltum’s cutting edge equipment and top notch monitoring, burglars stand a tough chance. ... +/-

Fire Protection

The no exception fire prevention
Fires don’t progress at a syncopated rhythm—they’re wildly unpredictable and can spread fast. Not only can they blaze a trail of irreparable damage to your property, the smoke and toxic gases they emit can cost you your life. In the event of a fire, every second counts. Voltum’s monitored fire alarm systems ensure fool-proof protection of your home or office by quickly detecting danger before you can see it. ... +/-

Video Surveillance

Live feed from your home or office
There’s no better way to gain peace of mind than to get a first hand view of what’s going on. Whether you want the ability to check-in on your rugrats, keep a watchful eye on that rebellious teen of yours, or make sure your employees aren’t throwing a party while you’re away from the office, with our video surveillance you can be at two places at once without even breaking a sweat. ... +/-


Security that revolves around you
How about a smart home to go with that smart phone? It’s easy to forget to set the office alarm or to leave a light on at home on your way out. With our automation service you have complete control over your security and electronic systems, even when you’re not there. ... +/-

Asset Protection

Let Voltum protect your valuables
For some things in life there are no replacements. If you’re a business, maybe it’s the original of the company’s first product patent showcased in your office or a filing cabinet full of confidential client files dating back to the last 25 years, or the vintage bottle of Chateau Lafite Rothschild given to you by your most famous and confidential client. ... +/-

Access Management

Customized access control systems
With Voltum’s sophisticated Access Management solutions you have the ability to keep tabs on visitors as they come and go from your premises—a particularly important feature for businesses both large and small. Our expert engineers can customize keyless access control systems to fit your particular business needs and install and service them for multiple doors. ... +/-

Medical Alert

Immediate medical attention
Whether you have a loved one with a medical condition or you yourself are in need of extra care, Voltum’s Medical Alert Response Service gives your family peace of mind by providing you with the medical support you need. With our medical alert technology, when you’re in need of an EMT, immediate medical attention is on its way at the touch of a button. ... +/-