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Work Place Crime Prevention: When you work in an office, safety is everyone’s business

Attention all business men and women of businesses large and small. Whether you’re the admin assistant or the CEO, ask yourself, are you working in a safe environment? Your body just tensed up. Relax, you’re fine, we’re just here to educate you and your coworkers on how to create a safer work environment by teaching you the common causes of cubicle crime and ways to prevent it (as provided by the National Crime Prevention Council).

 The first thing to remember as a crime fighter is ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS. While it might come as a surprise to you, just about any household or neighborhood crime can also happen in the workplace. Your business might seem like a totally secure place, but companies contain valuable information. It’s disappointing, yet true, that more and more people look to steal such information as an easy way of taking advantage of a business and, surprisingly enough, they don’t even need to go through much trouble to do so. It could take as little as a very chatty employee. I mean think about all the people who come in and out of your workplace everyday…think about how much information they have the opportunity to overhear if they listen carefully. If you think you’re cautious of your surroundings, think about how attentive an intentional thief is.

STAY ALERT, STAY CALM, and CARRY ON… you don’t want your crime fighting efforts to eat up your whole workday. Below are some tips on how to protect your office while still being productive.

·      Keep your purse, wallet, keys and other valuables with you at all times or locked up in a drawer.

·      Be aware of who is in and around your office. If an unfamiliar someone is wandering around aimlessly be sure to ask who they are visiting and if you can help direct them to that person. Make sure that any service or utility workers are actually who they say they are (it helps to give them a guest pass until they become a familiar face).

·      Sometimes it’s in your best interest to fly under the radar. Don’t go advertising your personal life and that of your co-workers to people visiting or calling the office. Also be cautious of leaving important or personal documents on your desk for long periods of time and make sure to shred any “top-secret” material before tossing it. Putting a password lock on your computer can also help protect you.

·      When at work, make sure to stay in well lit places… be cautious of elevators, stairwells, and parking lots or garages. If you’re in it for the long haul and plan on being the last to leave, do yourself a favor and let someone (preferably a coworker) know where you are and how long you plan on being.

·      Before exiting the building, make sure that all doors and windows are secure. However, leave a few interior and exterior lights on so that the business doesn’t seem completely deserted, aka is not an easy target.

Hope these tips helped to put things in perspective and to increase your awareness of possible suspicious workplace activity. If you have any further questions about how to safe proof your business feel free to email us at

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